I love all food, and experimenting with it! However, being married to a good ‘ol country boy, who could eat meat and potatoes everyday….and I MEAN EVERY DAY! I challenge myself everyday, to make healthy (well at least semi-healthy) home cooked meals…..however, what would it hurt to have a little something, naughty every now and then….right!! Yeeaaaahhhhh I know…

It’d be hard for me to choose a favorite…..because all of my recipes are BOSS!! Even my really healthy recipes are delicious and my little Tyce loves it (and I did tell you, he is extremely picky)….. I’m a self-taught home-cook with a passion for what cooking really stands for. I believe that food really feeds the heart not just the stomach. -And that ladies, is how I got the ring  ♥♥















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