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My Demographic:

The demographic are men and women 24-55 with income per household over $100,000 a year.

100% of my readers have internet access.

75% of my readers have major credit cards

73% of my readers  make purchasing decisions based on quality, not price

60% of my readers are between the ages of 18 and 34, a significant representation of Generation X

35% of my readers households include children

Average Monthly blog traffic:

Visitor: 5382

New Vistors: 1071

Direct: 2356.64

Social: 2118.36


Page views: 116,678

Number of sessions per user: 14.75

Pages per session: 30.65

Average session duration: 0:6:45

Bounce Rate: 24.41%

Audience demographics

United States: 2199.06

United Kingdom: 1188.3

France: 164.56

Italy: 143.04

Mexico: 126.9

Switzerland: 116.14

Social Media: Social Media is vital this day in age…My Facebook page is vastly growing, with upwards of 400 views perday!

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