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My Safe Place

Never, NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life, have I thought about I often I'm able to hold it together all day at work, yet fall apart the moment I get home — to Mark. It is something about his presence and ora that makes me feel comfortable letting out everything, saying how I really feel, and being... Continue Reading →

You’re My Little Secrect

I have a confession.....I am a mistress...did I plan on being this man's dirty little secrect.....of course not! But you guys know side chicks are winning now! I mean hello, Oliva Pope! I like the fact that I only text him when he is at work at night......or that we meet up in Walmart parking lots,... Continue Reading →

With my lips!

Bottle of Jack Daniels, I can't stand up now, Boy, you got me feeling so weak. Your ocean was drowning me, arms wrapped around me, Now I'm getting in too deep not falling cause I want to.....Baby, you keep pushing me, Don't love you cause I need to, but it's everything you do to me, Make... Continue Reading →

Bordeaux and Silver!

Hey babes!!!! Yes I know I messed up....I said this would substitute for my facebook....and I would post errday......but work has been kicking my a$$!!!!! Last week was Kray Kray and this week.....I'm nursing a sick hubby!! Ladies you guys know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm amazed that I'm actually at work today! However, we did have a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Gone but not forgotten!!!

Umm okay, you guys!!!!!!! Yes, there have been some major changes in my life since my last post......(umm calm yourself, no I'm not preggers) I have been working less at home and more within the OFFFFIIIIICCCCEEEE!!! Shocker I know!!!! But let me say I love it!!!! Anyhow.....yes, I deleted my social media accounts......well except Instagram..... I... Continue Reading →

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