You’re My Little Secrect

I have a confession…..I am a mistress…did I plan on being this man’s dirty little secrect…..of course not! But you guys know side chicks are winning now! I mean hello, Oliva Pope!7x01_-_Olivia_Pope_03

I like the fact that I only text him when he is at work at night……or that we meet up in Walmart parking lots, hotel rooms, or we pretend we don’t know one another when we are out in public!!!

Okay!!! I’m not really a cheater….the sexy man I’m sneaking around to see is Mark!!!



Yes, I know, He has chosen me over other women to spend his life with him, to be the step-mother of his child & above all to be his companion through thick & thin. However, does that give me the green light to behave like a prude just because I belong to the Mrs club????

The reason I’m writing this is simply because I’m upset. I’m upset with a lot of my married friends and blog followers who are giving up the best part of their husband’s time to other women!

Yes I said it!!!! You are giving your man over to side chicks.

Please stop telling me you how you both hold each other’s hands in public and all this PDA crap…..but you hardly have sex in private! It is wrong! You are HIS PARTNER & you owe each other breathless nights of torrid sex. Quit the religious crap you are hiding behind and using it as an excuse, not to be your man’s personal porn star. To be wild with your husband is RIGHT AND NATURAL.  So instead of whining & complaining about how side chicks be winning” #takeyourmarriageback 

So since he is the man of your life, draw a plan, & decide to become your husband’s mistress. You need to change your way of thinking…… and one of the easiest ways to do it, is if you think of yourself as a “Desperate  Housewife” one who would do (by the way who else misses that show???) longing for hot steaming sex!!!!!


Here are few ideas on how to make a difference in the bedroom. And remember your man might seem surprised at first or a bit suspicious but hang on in there. He is your husband so there is no harm in also becoming his perfect mistress & sex partner.

So open your drawers & bring out all the sexy lingerie, wine, and get all dolled up. Don’t you think if your husband actually had a mistress, and she knew he was coming over, she would be waxed with hair and makeup done to perfection? So should you. Show him, that you want to keep yourself looking good for him.

Just because he is your husband that doesn’t mean you should take him for granted, so make yourself indispensable by listening to him, become his friend, & win his confidence. Stop being the reasonable judgmental bitchy wife once in a while so that he can freely share his thoughts with you, carelessly & freely. Be his lover, confidant & intellectual muse.

Remember it is more than sharing a bed together or sleeping under the same roof, it is about making unique moments every once in a while (I know it can’t be every day). But indulge in some of yours and his fantasies & dare to create mind-blowing bedroom moments for your man. I am sure you have clear ideas of a few fantasies you have but never dared… If you can’t be crazy with the man you share your life with, then don’t complain if sex is scarce…

Surprising Factor. Stop blabbing endlessly about your women’s gathering & gossip about the neighbor’s wife…cultivate mystery, be unpredictable & don’t let him always be able to read your thoughts. Have a life, a job, a passion, a hobby outside of him. I love going to my office extra early, that way we won’t see one another until late that night giving him time to miss me a little and that also makes me miss him.

Just like you love your children unconditionally, try to give him that same kind of love, without being a doormat. Learn to trust him. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have married you. Don’t accept just any fool to come & bring your husband down. Trust, Intimacy, Respect are what you owe him. And whatever happens outside your home without your knowledge or sight shouldn’t be any of your business as long as you are a respected, and well taken care of.

Never mention the other “woman” or “women” – if there are any- in an insane jealous way; the man is yours. Be subtle, strategic, mature & make him feel what he is missing at home by being attractive, sexy, nice & friendly. If you have a point to make, don’t be aggressive…COMMUNICATE don’t attack.

Creativity/Innovation are key! You know men need excitement to awaken their senses, so don’t hesitate, tie him to the bed, use handcuffs, feathers, massages. Suggest sex in a different room of the house or even in the bathroom, get out of that bed & and use your creativity… Sexting about your underwear while you are at a dinner, or text him a kinky picture (or video) of you when he is away, don’t be shy. Describe to him the things you would love to do to him in simple words…while he is at work!

Foreplay, the majority of men love Blow Jobs, men would feel freer in bed with their wives if they showed a bit of kinkiness instead of playing the “preacher’s wife” role. Ice cream, Ice cube, chocolate, or even specially designed products are available. Use your head to spice the foreplays. Role-playing . Why not? Once again he is your MAN. Do your thang & have fun.

Escape: Get out of the home. Don’t tell me there are no hotels in your town, you don’t even need to leave town to make it hot. A change of environment can be an arousing factor. Why don’t you meet for a drink after work & spend few hours in a hotel room? Revive it … And whenever you can get a weekend out of town rekindle a lot of things between and him. Ask him to be a daredevil…

Make Over: You can wear anything when you with your husband, buy short dresses that you will wear just for a dinner at home with him. A bit of lipstick, a new hairstyle, red nail polish, lace, silk… Be a different woman, a woman exulting desire for her husband, happy to please him & ready for a sexual firework show!

Awaken the 5 senses; I know am repeating myself but one can never stop saying it : It’s not only about sex, but also tease his taste buds, by cooking with new spices, or give him new Cocktails to drink, use different enticing fragrances on your body & also in your home, let him see a sexier you, a clean house, touch a soft skin, hear a nice lovely music….

So you have the power so don’t let it slip away just because you are happy with the ring……Take charge, Make the move & be your husband’s Mistress.





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  1. Damn Bitch!!! I like this one…most women get the ring and then they turn into nagging old hags. No man wants to come home to that. You are spot on.


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