With my lips!

Bottle of Jack Daniels, I can’t stand up now, Boy, you got me feeling so weak. Your ocean was drowning me, arms wrapped around me, Now I’m getting in too deep not falling cause I want to…..Baby, you keep pushing me, Don’t love you cause I need to, but it’s everything you do to me, Make music when you’re moaning, from night until the morning…I just need you to tell me when you’re ready and I’m going to paint your body with my lips……Baby, I’ll do anything you want…lock me down like I’m your slave…. cause when you’re done with me, I can’t even concentrate.A drag of a cigar, sheets are all soaking wet, Celine Dion on the radio. You keep running through my head and it makes me want to do it again….like Usher we can take it nice and slow, I just want to paint your body with my lips.

If you haven’t already guessed it….today I’m all in my feelings….well sort of. There is just something about making love with the person that means so much to you….. It’s the anticipation behind it. Being at work all day, thinking about how hot the night is capable of getting…..
It’s the excitement you get when you hear their key hit the lock to the front door…..and you know the person you love is about to walk through that door and see that you are wearing next to nothing (or nothing at all)!

Pouring that first drink…..then getting them in the shower, helping them wash their back…then after the shower…..anything thing goes……

You can do anything you wanna do…..’Cause as long as you’re the driver
I’m your hitchhiker!

That is what making love, with to the person you love is all about…. losing control, living in the moment…..taking it all in (no pun intended) doing what feels good to them and letting them do what feels good to you!

339641506601006So tonight….or this weekend…..

Go be your partner’s Hitchhiker…..

Put yourself completely in their hands….and enjoy the ride!

You will need the perfect soundtrack for this night…..and Demi Lovato’s Hitchhiker is all you need to set the mood.

Have Fun!



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8 thoughts on “With my lips!

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  1. Damn!!!! That picture of you and Mark can out great! I love the way you edited it. I think this blog captured exactly what the pictures I took of you and him, were about. Passion. There is something about the passion you and him share, that I was glad I could be able to witness. Congrats to you two! I can’t wait to capture more of your special moments on camera. I would be happy to offer your readers a 10% discount off my Boudoir package: http://www.leahcookphotography.com/

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  2. Bitch this is fucking hot…..did you and mark have sex last night (or this morning) because you gave us some I just had the best sex ever tease….I love this….Makes me want to have sex now!


  3. I like how you made this all dirty without talking dirty. I wish I was a fly on the wall when you and your man are getting it on….yall seem like yall would be hot to watch!


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