Bordeaux and Silver!

Hey babes!!!!

Yes I know I messed up….I said this would substitute for my facebook….and I would post errday……but work has been kicking my a$$!!!!!

Last week was Kray Kray and this week…..I’m nursing a sick hubby!! Ladies you guys know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m amazed that I’m actually at work today!

However, we did have a wonderful weekend….Friday was drinking with the girls….(insert evil laugh here….) Saturday I met up with a new friend for lunch and hit the bed early because I had to get up really early to drive to the country Sunday morning to go to church with Mark and his parents….Which it was a great trip….his mom did a wonderful job with leading the ladies’ Sunday School discussion.

I have been online shopping for some Alpha Phi Sorority gear… that the anniversary of my initiation is coming up…..I want to purchase some new things. If any of you, know of any websites that sale office supplies……LET ME KNOW!!!! I’m looking for pens, notepads, etc….you know anything to A-Phi out my office!!! Oh check these out:

APHI-pen-1_1024x1024 APHI-pen-2_1024x1024

I want these soooooooooo bad!!!! and they only cost $9.99 for a 3 pack…..I was going to show them to Mark, (you know to let him know that I want them) but since he is sick I think I’ll just order a couple of packs myself….and not bother him. (if you girls like them… can just click the pic and it will take you to the order page).


This time of the year ALWAYS have me in my feelings because I miss my college days….. oh Bordeaux and Silver how much I love you!


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    1. I miss rushing too….I was thinking about going to their initiation next month. You should come!!!! And Mark will be okay….Im making him chicken soup when I get home. I should have bought the chicken yesterday and had it cooking all day. I think Ill leave work early. so it wont be too late before he eats.


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