Gone but not forgotten!!!

Umm okay, you guys!!!!!!!

Yes, there have been some major changes in my life since my last post……(umm calm yourself, no I’m not preggers) I have been working less at home and more within the OFFFFIIIIICCCCEEEE!!!

Shocker I know!!!!

But let me say I love it!!!!

Anyhow…..yes, I deleted my social media accounts……well except Instagram….. I think I will keep it….since it just my life through random pictures!!!! Oh and yes I still Pin on Pinterest!! Yes, I am addicted!!!



However we the changes to my social media……I will be more active on my site…..and I will be interacting with yall ( yall know I’m still a Texas girl at heart) through the comments!!!!

So the discussion right now is….. What is some of your favorite songs to get you through the workday!?!?!?! God knows I have a ton of work to get done!

Right now I’m loving Tank’s new album, Savage!!


I had a friend tell me about it and once I checked it out, I was hooked….. There is this one song that makes me tap into my inner stripper (well of course when I’m home with Mark…..not at my job)………. or does it????

7 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten!!!

Add yours

      1. WHAT!!!!! He is fucking lucky because we all know your stuckup ass don’t sit in the cheap seats!! When are you coming to Cali? There is is this new strip club and the girls are fucking hot!!!!!! Maybe you can get Mark to come and Ill get Jackson.


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