Forth Of July

Yes, I fully aware of how late this post is…..

Everyone has that one holiday that just puts them into a great mood. Where it’s like nothing can go wrong. For some people that holiday is Christmas, Valentine’s Day or some holiday where they get gifts…..for me, Independence Day has always been my favorite holiday…’s something about seeing our entire Country come together and celebrate our Country’s freedom. However, Since I’m with a Marine… has become a huge event, in our household.

One of the ways we kicked off the week leading up to Independence Day is by, finding out what the day really means….going beyond the textbook, but looking into our hearts.

Independence Day, also referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. – Wikipedia

July 4th JFK

After Tyce and I shared what our Independence means to us, we made Independence Day Bark…..

Indepence Day Bark

This made so much bark….that Mark took some to the guys he work with!!! However, it was very delicious….and full of chocolate!!!!!!

Then on Tuesday, July Forth we all headed to the Independence Day Feast, in Flower Mond….. This was huge for so many reason….one being that Tyce has become a huge country music fan (I may have influenced this a and his favorite group is Brothers Osborne!! And they were the group that was performing at the festival. This was Tyce’s very first Concert!!!

But Not only was it his first concert….they also had other actives during the day for the kids, like face painting, rock climbing, swings, bounce houses, etc….. see below:

Then when the sun started to go down…..that’s when the real fun started!!!


Brothers Osborne 1Brothers Osborne 2Brothers Osborne

Let me tell you……They gave an amazing show!!!!! I will definitely attend another one of their shows when they come to the DFW area!!!

The fun didn’t stop there…..after the concert, it was the fireworks show! One of the best, I’ve seen!


While we had a blast, there was more fun for us to have…….we ended our Holiday celebration at the Little Elm Sandy Beach! And this has become our go to spot….for the rest of the summer!

They have an amazing beach, the is on Lake Lewisville……. sand volleyball, and a wonderful play area.

They have a boat ride, that is only open during the weekday! (See above) Also, there isn’t a lifeguard so you must make sure YOU are watching your child….while they are in the water. However, the park is very safe, and they do have police officers that patrol the beach, to keep everyone in line!

Our Fourth Of July was a huge success…. I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday as well!!! I would love to hear about how your holiday went…. and what does the Forth mean to you!

thanks to those who served

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  1. WOW!!! it looks like you and your family had a wonderful forth. The concert was one to remember! I know the little guy enjoyed his first concert and will forever remember it!


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