Parks, Fishing, Starbucks and Chilli

Well you guys another weekend, has come and gone…..(how sad I know) but anywho….I think I couldn’t wait for this weekend to be over, so I could WRITE THIS BLOG!!!!!! We had little Tyce this weekend, and as always it was non-stop laughing (mainly Tyce and I laughing at Mark).


We picked Tyce up a little early, so we could all hangout as a family at the park…. and let me tell you guys, it was a blast. The weather was nice, maybe just a little too hot….but hey, it Texas what do you expect. However, despite the scorching heat, it was the fact that we were hanging out as a family. Doing things that families do, and I could see it on my boys faces they were happy. That’s what every, wife and mom wants….to see her husband and son, smile, laugh, and just having a grand old time.

20170331_172337The Moore’s March 31, 2017

After we burned off some energy at the park, Tyce had soccer practice, and he even scored a goal….. of course, I had to try (oh so hard) to keep my composure…..I wanted to run onto the field and give him a huge hug!!! Haha…You can see the video below 

You see what I mean……How could you not be proud???

After practice, we went to (what seems like our favorite, restaurant) California Pizza Kitchen. I really try to limit the amount of “junk” my boys and myself, eat……however, doing so, some may say, that it makes it harder for me. However, I don’t feel that way. Yes, I do cook most of their meals, but when we do come across a restaurant that is approved by me and Tyce….we tend to keep going back. And CPK is one of those restaurants that, I know have good quality ingredients, and Tyce likes their pizza; plus they have things other than pizza, which makes it a win, win for our whole family, because Mark doesn’t really like Pizza.

One thing I do enjoy, is how Tyce feels that he can talk to Mark and I about anything…..somehow, during the car ride we got to talking about homeless people and those less fortunate than us, and how we can help them. At first Tyce said, we should give them money. And while that seemed like a good idea to him, we explained to him, why it might not be the most practical idea….so we came up with a canned (non-perishables) food donation program…. coined the “Moore Family Project”.  As we talked about this, this almost made me want to cry, because as most of you know, volunteering and giving back, is something I have been very passionate about. I have been apart of so many charities and foundations here in Northeast Texas and in Southern California, and to hear that my son, has that same giving spirit….just warms my heart  And I know it makes Mark proud as well. When we get all the details worked out….I will let you guys know more about it, there are a couple of things I need to look into, like which homeless shelters need the most help, and which actually provide help to those in need. So if you guys know of some here in the DFW area….comment below, or shoot me an e-mail.


Saturday, morning Kermitt and I got up at about 6:30 to go for a run….and it was the first real run, I have had since the miscarriage, and it was really awesome. The night before, Tyce said he would join us, but I didn’t have the heart to wake him us, as he looked so cute, sleeping….all wild and crazy. However, I did wake him, to go to Wal-Mart with me….and he even got a couple of treats out of me… he got M&Ms and the Power Ranger’s DVD (the one from when I was a kid). Now, I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but oh freaking well….right? I have had my Buick now, for almost 3 months, and Saturday, was the first day, we actually put a DVD in the player to watch it. (Sad face) On the way home, from Wal-Mart Tyce was glued to the screen, so much so, he didn’t even realize we were back home.

We are an outdoors family…. all of us, even down to little Kermitt, love being outside. So we decided to go fishing!!!!!! And before I go any further….I will say, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend our Saturday, we forgot all about the charity dance at Tyce’s school! The pictures from our fishing trip are below, in the slide show. I have a video of Tyce’s first catch, but I filmed it on Mark’s phone….so once I get it, I will upload that as well.  I wish I had filmed Kermitt, you guys…. he is all of maybe 3 pounds….and there were, 3 cows on the side were we were fishing at. From the moment, he got out of the truck, to the moment, he got back into the truck, to go home, he barked at those cows! He definitely let us know that he would protect us. My first catch, it was a small bass….and I thought it would be a nice treat for Kermitt to have. He sniffed it, and when the fish finally stopped flipping around, it was almost like he was tired I mean bored of it. He did, bit it, but I don’t think he enjoyed the taste too much, because the only time he would play with it, or chew it…..was when someone handed it to him. (And when Mark would hand it to him, he would take it, and take it to the other end of the pond…away from Mark).

Speaking of Mark, let’s take some time, and let me tell you how amazing he is. Fishing is his way of getting away from it all, and clearing his head. It’s an unwinding thing for him. And most men, wouldn’t want to take their families, with them to fish. However, because Mark is such a family man (which is what I love about him) he includes Tyce and I in his fishing trips. Even tho he knows, that means he will be spending less time fishing and more time, helping Tyce bait his hook (however, by the middle of the day, Tyce was baiting his own hook, and the way I do it, I might add) and helping Tyce and I take fish off our hook. I was already in love with him, but this weekend, made me fall in love with him, all over again. Isn’t that what marriage is about, finding ways, to fall in love with each other over, and over again. Remembering why you fell in love, in the first place! It warms my heart to know, I have such a great husband…he is a wonderful man and father. I’m so blessed

When we went home, I made Chili for dinner. Tyce had been looking forward to my Chili, for almost two weeks. And now that I think about it, he might has eaten about half a pot a chili all by himself. I love, that he ate the way he did, because it’s a struggle to find food that Tyce likes and that I approve of. Tyce could eat nutella all day long…..for every meal, and never get tired. However, Tyce knew that we were proud of the way he ate, because he got to have ice-cream twice today!!! Which we have found a flavor that he LOVES and I definitely approve of!

Oh by the way, Saturday we all were in bed and sleep by 9:30pm (even Kermitt and Tyce). Which is a huge shocker!

That’s how I know, my boys and I all had a great time, because we were wore out!




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  1. You guys seem like yall had a blast this weekend. I love the idea, about helping those less fortunate, yall are raising that little one right!


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