Vanilla Almond Oatmeal

It’s certainly no secret that I am not exactly the best morning person so finding recipes that are quick and easy to make, yet still healthy are really important to me.  Oatmeal is such a favorite of mine because it’s full of protein and fiber, low in sugar and just tastes so darn good! I love that there are so many different variations you can make too which is great because who doesn’t like to switch it up every now and then??  A girl needs her options right???

This particular recipe may seem pretty basic, but oh is it good!  Vanilla and almond have just become one of my favorite flavor combinations so it was a no-brainier to add them into oatmeal!  Now I chose to use steel cut oats because I personally love the nutty/chewy texture that they have, but you can absolutely use rolled oats if you prefer.  Yes steel cut oats DO take longer to cook because of the way they are processed, but I think they’re totally worth the wait!  They’re also perfect for throwing in a crock pot overnight allowing you to wake up to delicious smelling kitchen!  And oatmeal of course.

Plus is that not such a huge time saver?!

I’ll share both ways to cook this, whether you need instant gratification and want to cook this on the stove top or if you’d prefer to throw everything into your crock pot and have your kitchen smelling amazing.  Either way I think you’ll love this!  When I cook these on the stove top I only make about 4 servings using one cup of steel cut oats, but when I use my slow cookerI typically double the recipe since mine is just so BIG.  But hey!  More deliciousness to last me all week! Total win-win.

I sweetened this with a touch of honey, but if you prefer yours a lot sweeter then sprinkling the top with brown sugar would taste amazing!  I really hope you all enjoy this oatmeal as much as I did!

XOXO- Telisa

Ingredients/ Instructions

2 cups vanilla almond milk

1 cup water

¼ tsp. salt

1 cup steel cut oats

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tsp. almond extract

½ tsp. cinnamon

1 Tbsp honey

*To cook on the stove top: In a medium saucepan, bring almond milk, water and salt to a boil. Add steel cut oats, cover and reduce heat to a simmer, cooking for about 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how you prefer your oatmeal). Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and almond extracts, cinnamon and honey. Top with blueberries and almonds, serve and enjoy!

*To cook in the slow cooker: Double the recipe and throw all ingredients into the slow cooker, stirring to combine. Set on the warm setting overnight or cook for 8 hours on low.

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