The Perfect Weekend Cocktails

It’s nearly that time of year when we spend more time socializing with friends and family than ever before, which is why I wanted to create some incredibly refreshing, beautiful and healthy(ish) cocktails for you to impress your colleagues, loved ones and waistline with! (You guys know me well enough by now, to know I love the sauce)

No.1, Lemon and Mint Mojito. Mix together 2tbs of brown sugar and one chopped lemon. Layer with Ice and pour in your favorite Rum. Next rub a handful of mint leaves around the top of your glass and then into the glass. Fill with soda water, shake, nice.

No.2, Raspberry, Ginger and Basil Mocktail, Mix one cup of raspberries with seven leaves of fresh basil, add crushed iced followed by chilled ginger beer, mix together and demolish,

No.3, Strawberry and Rosemary Cocktail, Mix together one cup of strawberries with half a lemon and 1tbs of brown sugar. Next add three sprigs of fresh Rosemary with ice and then pour your favorite brand of Rum, top with soda water and then shake. Suits you.

These drinks are my absolute favorites, if you’re having lots of friends over make a big pitcher of each and get them to guess the ingredients!

Happy sipping!

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