Southern Moscow Mule

It’s certainly no secret that my sorority sisters and I LOVE our Moscow Mules.  I mean seriously how cute are they??

When I think of Moscow Mules I think of a traditional southern drink, but here’s a little fun fact – these little cocktails were actually born in Manhattan! This past spring one of my friends had her bachelorette party in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina and hands down the BEST Moscow Mule I have ever had {and probably will ever have} was at this trendy little spot called The Rarebit. If you are familiar with Charleston then I know you KNOW what I’m talking about.

This place is such a hidden gem and not only are the Mules good, but the food is out of this world delicious!! Well ever since that trip I have been determined to recreate this fabulous drink and I think I came pretty darn close!Now you know I had to throw my own little twist on these beauties and lighten them up, of course.

Traditional Moscow Mules are made with some combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice all mixed together with lots of ice and YES the iconic copper mug. If you’ve never drank out of one of these, ohhh does it keep your drink cold! I’m talking freezing. Yes I’m obsessed. And I promise after you try this cocktail you’ll be wanting your very own set of copper mugs for your household.

The best part is that this drink is so versatile that you can really make this however you’d like it! I like to top mine off with bubbly soda water, fresh mint and a generous squeeze of an orange wedge. Also I should probably note that a typical Moscow Mule you’d order in a restaurant can be over 320 calories per drink!!

This delicious version? Yep only 150 calories, but I promise the flavors are still amazing! I mean let’s recap shall we… have the zing of the ginger beer with the zestiness of the lime and the sweetness of the orange topped with the fizziness of the soda water and the freshness of the mint – WHEW!

Yeah I think you get the idea.

Basically I’m saying go make this tonight!!!!

Ingredients/ Instructions:

    • 1½ oz. vodka
    • 4 oz (or ½ cup) ginger beer
    • 1 Tbsp lime juice
    • Top off with soda water
    • Squeeze of orange wedge
    • Sprig of mint
    1. Fill your copper mug with ice.
    2. Add vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and fill the rest up with soda water; mix well.
    3. Squeeze an orange wedge, add a sprig of mint and enjoy!

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