RIP Love and Potatoes

It seems it has been a long time, since I have talked with you all through my blog, or any blog for that matter. Many of you, ask me all the time, on facebook, or instagram, why did I choose to quit my blog, or just stop posting.

Well several things happened, which made it hard for me to continue with the blogging process. The main reason, was blogging no longer was fun for me. I began to dread blogging. I mean I literally hated blogging.

Then when I thought, I was ready to continue blogging again. Mark and I found out we were pregnant. As any expecting parents will tell you, It’s a huge struggle to think and prepare for a baby. However, while we were wrapping our heads around the news of us, being pregnant. We lost our baby.

Our miscarriage experience was very hard of both of us. And I promise, I will post a blog about that, for all you who have asked questions about it, especially what the experience is like and how to cope, as well as how you can be of support to a couple who is going through one.

I will say, that I feel that I am ready to began blogging again, because the causes of blogging not being fun for me anymore, is out of my life, and I have so many wonderful things going on in my life now…..that I cant wait to share them with you all!

To all of my love and potato fans…..Thank you for being so patient with me, during my time away, and for always showing me love and support through your comments on my Instagram and Face….your love and support really means a lot. And to my new fans…..all I can say is welcome to the most, amazing time of your life…..I hope I will be able to make you laugh, cry, think, and smile…..As I began the rest of my life, as Telisa Moore.



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