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collage-2017-08-04 (2)Hiya! I’m Telisa,
Curled up on the couch and watching “Gone with the Wind” with my hubby or staying up late baking desserts with my step-son, is where my rainbow and cotton candy begins! More about me here…..


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Falling In Love with your spouse again!
Close your eyes…..think back to the moment you first met your partner. Think back to how you felt when you mustered up the nerve to ask them for their phone number. That feeling you had in the pit of your stomach as you waited for their reply. Or excitement you had in your heart, when they finally asked you for your number. Now think back to how you felt when y’all parted ways…. READ MORE!



I’m giving it…..you can WIN IT!!!!!

Bella Hand Blender

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. I had so much fun hanging out with you and your stepson at the independence fest….You are really down to earth! our boys had fun!


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