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Welcome to Telisa Moore Online,

I’m Telisa Anne Moore, a 26-year-old Southern Republican, who believes in God, Family, and Country. As most people, I feel that traditional families are becoming extinct. The democratic party has ruin our families, communities, schools, and economic system. This isn’t just affecting Americans on a national scale, sadly, it’s here in Dallas. The issues that are closest to my heart, are the same issues that affect many of Dallas’ residents; such as, racial inequality, the lack of social and economic development, homelessness, health care, the lack of technology to make our city more efficient, and lastly education. Of course, there are many other issues that need to be addressed in order to make our community safe and productive for our kids, and I look forward to hearing what concerns you have.



Sometimes work and be a drag…..join in on the daily discussion on some of the most off the wall topics…..Check them out below!




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